Staff Augmentation



Your application deployment backlog is growing. Your teams have to deliver new applications, maintain and enhance the current ones and integrate legacy to the new customer facing Web applications. The applications are needed now, performing under high quality constrains defined by the SLA agreements. On the other hand you have budget constraints and perhaps a hiring freeze, which makes it harder to comply with user requirements.
Hildebrando Staffing services can help. Hildebrando staffing provides you with a fast way of getting additional IT resources. We can provide you with access to specialized skills or expertise, filling part-time roles, thus avoiding hiring part time employees, as well as filling-in for employees on leave of absence, so your work won't stop. And it is always easier to obtain expense budget than to get approval for permanent headcount.
You have total control over your teams
Whatever your IT staffing needs are, be they application development, customization, integration, testing, maintenance or business process operations outsourcing, we provide you with a very efficient and scalable staffing solution to your IT needs with your required levels of expertise, thus enabling you to meet the deployment deadlines of your IT projects with the highest level of quality within your budget constraints. You can manage the teams in a simple and effective way because they are stable and dedicated to your company, so they become part of your in-house IT resources.
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