Physical Control System


Video-surveillance and biometric identification systems integrate Hildebrando security offer to our corporate partners: we have been working with the Mexican government for the last decade to ensure services of fingerprints recognition, iris and face recognition, digitalization storage and identification of signatures, with the latest technologies. Hildebrando offers a specific biometric access control system to the physical premises of the company as for its logical network. Video-surveillance equipment makes use of the latest-generation devices, mobile, twilight, infrared, high resolution, IP cameras, intertwined in a closed-circuit system with footage, data storage and remote control functions.

Video Surveillance

Building perimeter/urban surveillance
Intelligent video surveillance with acustic identification and odor recognition


Access control (local and remote)
  • Fingerprints
  • Facial recognition

Smart credentials (smartcards)

Assets control of radio frequency identification (RFID)

Substance identification solutions by electronic patterns of odors.

Portable remote parabolic listening devices

Electronic signature authentication

Biometric technology – identix

World leader in biometric technology

Licence plate recognition
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