Testing Factory

Hildebrando's Testing Factory provides an industrial strength environment for the delivery of outsourced testing services for global companies. It seats in a neutral corner between the development organization and the end-user, testing and measuring while ensuring that all the risk factors of the testing processes are detected and managed, and that the interested parties are notified. Thus, the Testing Factory processes guarantee that the business critical functions will be validated properly and at the right time.

The staff of the Testing Factory can be integrated with resources from both Hildebrando and the client. This approach creates knowledge sharing environment that enables the direct transfer to the client of Hildebrando's testing knowledge and experience.
We establish dedicated software testing teams for our clients that operate using the best testing practices, processes and methodologies. The teams follow a proprietary macro-process called the T Process®, which is based on setting incremental test iterations that will further develop and improve the software testing process for the client.
Our state-of-the-art Testing Factory supports Testing Automation, Measurement and Definition of Software Testing Metrics. Our testing services include
  • Configuration testing
  • Functional testing
  • Deployment testing
  • Data-Mining testing

  • Stress testing (concurrency)
  • Load testing

  • Standard verification
  • Recommendations
  • Usability Labs
  • eXtreme testing
  • Testing Dirty Systems
  • Testing under Pressure
  • Risk based testing
  • Security testing

Contact our Testing Factory team at  nearshore@hildebrando.com   to design a fast and efficient solution to your industrial strength IT testing needs
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