Business process outsourcing BPO

Companies that are constantly looking at new ways to increase their competitiveness are starting to include Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as part of their IT strategy, that is, they are utilizing the services of an external company in order to perform some of their internal job processes. The key driver is usually cost reduction, however companies may also decide to concentrate in their core competencies and outsource processes to improve their services level or to benefit from industry best practices..  

The most common areas for Business Process Outsourcing include back office, operations, customer care, credit card processing, technical support, billing, medical transcription, and insurance claims processing. There are many other processes that could be outsourced, but according to a recent Gartner research report, many enterprises looking at end-to-end business processing don't want to give up control of the process because of strategic and security concerns. In this situation, Gartner says, offshore insourcing or captive-shared service centers are the best option.
Hildebrando can build for you Captive near shore insourcing Centers and Off-site teams to which you can safely transfer the processes that are not core to your business. We will implement your company's business processes with your IT standards, ensuring thereby quality and security. Hildebrando Captive IT Centers and Off-site teams will enable you to have total control over your company's business processes. You can manage them in a simple and effective way, because the centers and teams, fully customized to your needs, become part of your in-house IT resources, but at offshore costs. There is no major time zone difference between your custom center and your main offices that would hinder communications with the teams, and if face-to-face meetings are needed, the flight time between the centers and any major city in the USA is 3.5 hours on average.
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